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Change is Hard

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I never really learned how to study. Although this year is technically pass/fail, I’d rather figure this out now than next year, when it “matters more.” It matters now too anyway, because what I’m learning (or trying to learn) is going to be the foundation of the knowledge I need for my career.

Areas I need to work on:

1. Note taking. I’m really bad at this. I know it helps but I have trouble convincing myself that there’s any value in writing down what has been already written for me in a nice simple form. I’m really not a fan of power point lectures; I miss blackboard classes. I think I paid more/better attention when the teacher was writing stuff than when they’re pointing at a screen with a laser.

2. Reading. I’m also bad at reading textbooks. I get sleepy and I lose focus.

3. Working with other people. I’m actually good at this. I’m just bad at… ending up in study groups, I guess. I want to be in one (well, now I do; in college I didn’t really) but I’m not sure how to make it happen. I guess I just ask people, huh? Medical school has put me in this weird place of having to be much more outgoing and social and pro-active than I’m used to being.  Are there fewer extroverts around than I’m used to?

4. Setting up study spaces. I’ve started working on my carrel. Put up a picture of the boy and me from my trip to Turkey this summer. Need to put up a picture of the family and maybe the bird. I think that’ll make it personal enough to start with. I really need to clear off my desk in my bedroom at home and get that set up too. Reading textbooks in a big, comfortable armchair is really not helping with the not falling asleep while reading.

5. Better time management. I’m decent at this but I could be even better. Too often I find myself neither studying nor doing other things I really want to do, and instead I just waste my time on the internet not actually even having all that much fun.

You might think, “Wow. That’s a lot to work on. She’s doomed for failure,” but I think I can do it. I’ve come a long way already and made some positive changes, or I wouldn’t be in medical school at all. I just need to keep working on it, and maybe work on it a bit faster.

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August 31, 2009 at 12:40 am

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