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Prioritizing Hobbies

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Me spinning my fire staff.

Me spinning my fire staff.

Partially as a birthday treat to myself, partially as a fun thing to do with my boyfriend and friends, and largely because, well, why not?,  I spent this past weekend in the woods somewhere in New England at a spinning and fire arts training camp. Fire spinning (and spinning in general; the majority of the time one is not spinning props that are on fire) is something I picked up just over a year ago, and it’s been a hobby that I haven’t made quite as much time for as I would like to.  Rather, I’m not as good at it yet as I’d like to be by now, and that requires putting in more time and effort.

Spending this weekend around many talented people has joined together with many other recent events to create a big “Ah-ha!” moment. I really need to focus. I need to decide what it’s okay to not be very good at, and what I really want to be good at, and then I need to actually spend time on what’s important to me.

I know I’ve said this before. I know I’ve thought this many, many times before, but I think I’m newly serious about it (for at least the next few weeks?). And they say it takes three weeks to form new habits, so maybe if I can keep it up for at least that long, I can really make it stick this time.

I want to seriously work on staff (especially contact staff) and hooping (ie, hula hooping. I’m serious. It looks awesome in general and even cooler with an LED glow hoop or a fire hoop). I want to dabble in poi, but I’m not aiming for much. I want to read more often, but combined with my current determination to stop splurging on books (which meant I wasn’t reading enough and was essentially wasting money on books I often would only read once; I like the sound of reading more and spending less) means I need to stop being lazy about getting a public library card and also about figuring out my school’s library system.

And I think I might allow myself to throw in a bit of gaming, because I do enjoy video games. I’m having trouble deciding where I stand on multiplayer games though, because I often find myself in a position of being either the least experience or one of the least experienced at a game, which then ends up being frustrating because I also tend to be less committed to putting in the time to get better/play more often. So I either need to make a concentrated effort to get better, or I need to stop so I don’t feel bad about not playing as often as everyone else, or I need to be comfortable with being really bad at the games (and worse than everyone else).  At heart, I’m an RPG gamer. I can take my time making my decisions, it’s not competitive, and there’s a nice involving story so it’s almost like reading a book, just much more interactive and involved.

I’m happy with where I am with dancing. Once a week ballroom dance club has been great. It’s nice and low key and just at the right level for me. I think the only thing I’m really missing if crafting, but I should be starting work on a baby blanket soon (expecting my first niece or nephew in November!) which will scratch that itch nicely.

To top it all off, my boyfriend got me Wii Fit Plus for my birthday, so I’m really looking forward to that, especially after learning that I can finally create workout sets/routines instead of having to select each thing one at a time. New component to my morning routine? If I can get myself doing a half hour of yoga even just two or three times a week, I’ll be really happy with myself.

And I need to balance this all with getting enough sleep (this is key! I’m actually really good about this during the week, but terrible on the weekends), and really working at my classes. I think I can do it, and I think I’ve made a decent effort so far. I just can’t let falling behind a little every now and then be an excuse to just let everything else fall apart, because it’s really easy to do that.

Maybe in a month I’ll check in with how I’m doing so far. Hopefully I’ll do myself proud. I’m not looking to do everything every day, because that would be crazy. I know I just can’t put in as much time into any of these as I’d really like to, but I want to put in some time, because some is a lot better than none. I’m not looking to be an expert or a professional. I’m looking to keep myself happy, healthy and sane (and in some ways those are almost, but not quite, synonyms).

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October 5, 2009 at 9:34 pm

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  1. Being a grad student AND in a relationship makes it hard to have any hobbies at all. I’m glad you’re making time for *yourself* as well as your hobbies.

    Having said that…what exactly is fire spinning?


    October 11, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    • Fire spinning is a fairly broad category of performance arts, many of which exist in a non fire form (and often the fire form came first) and many exist in glow/LED form. Fire juggling, fire eating and fire breathing are some of the wider known fire arts, but I don’t do any of those. Then there’s poi (ball on chain; one in each hand), fire staff (staff roughly the height of your chin with fire wicks on each end), fire hoop (hula hoop with a spokes that have wicks on them) and more. If you check out my facebook profile, there’s a few videos of me spinning my staff from that weekend. =)


      October 12, 2009 at 12:14 am

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