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New Semester, New Beginning

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Today began my second week of this “block,” which goes through the end of March. New classes are Microbes and Pathogenesis, Genetics, and Immunology. Continuing classes are Physiology, Histology, and Practice of Medicine. I think that for the most part, I’ll like this block. Highs so far have included a good 10-15 minutes chunk of lecture explaining how pokemon relates to learning Microbes and Pathogenesis, and a Professor awarding a six pack of beer to someone, in class, for giving the best answer to a question.

And so far, I think I’ve been making decent use of my time.  I’ve been reading the night before lectures (though haven’t yet gotten down the whole “and review right after lecture” aspect) and I’ve been working at actually focusing during lecture, when I go. And I have been going. Haven’t missed a single class yet. I was jetlagged the first week and realized that if I stayed home I would not be making good use of my time, so I might as well go. I think that’s going to be my general policy. If I feel I can make better use of my time, then skipping is okay. But no skipping just because I can or because I don’t particularly feel like going to school.

My laptop recently died, which has added an interesting dimension to this.  While one would think it would add a positive spin, I’ve actually found it to be a hinderance. I do, thankfully, still have my previous computer (meant to fix it up and sell it but never did). So ridiculously short lived battery, no wireless (which means I am stationed in the living room of my shared apartment), no sound, and I have to plug in a keyboard. It also means I can’t take my computer to school, which is unfortunate as I was just starting to work on properly using one note to take notes.

But this makes me want to stay on my computer more. Having my use of it artificially rationed makes me feel like I need to… hoard it somehow, which just translates to unnecessary usage. It’s funny, because I noticed the opposite of this when I had my blackberry (RIP, but to be replaced very soon, finally, with a new smartphone!). When I had the ability to be online anywhere, anytime, I felt less compelled to be online all the time. Why check my email now? I can check it later if I need to.

I think I’m doing a decent job of curbing the impulse; I just know I could be doing a better job of it.

Starting to feel a bit tired already. Should be over being jetlagged by now but I’m still making up for a rather large sleep debt. Time to read some notes and then watch one of my shows (So You Think You Can Dance or Flash Forward, both DVRed) to round off today as a respectfully productive and well rounded day. Except of course, my friends are threatening to and succeeding to derail my plans. Ah, saved. Their own laziness has thwarted their plans (to come over and play a computer game, Diablo II, with me, my roommate and another friend who’s over at the moment. Which is what we spent all weekend doing… but it was okay because I’d been productive the preceding week!).

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