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Doing what you have to do

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It’s easy to become overwhelmed in medical school, no matter your previous educational background. Already, the sheer amount of information is bewildering, and to think that we have barely scratched the surface so far as first year is just laying down a basic science foundation.

For some of my classmates, it’s been a smooth, easy ride so far. They were science majors, and science majors of the sort that means they’ve learned much of this ten times before. Some have even known since high school or before that they wanted to do medicine, and they’ve been building their basic science foundation for years.

Me? This summer will be four years since I decided to do medicine. Before then, the last time I had taken Biology, I was thirteen years old. There is something to be said for innate intelligence, but there is much more to be said for time and hard work. For experience and for exposure. My 1 year of full time research, a summer of general chemistry and 2 years in college (during which I still needed to finish my Psychology major), cannot compare to the much more intense and involved backgrounds of the majority of my classmates.

My medical school has given us the “luxury” of a Pass/Fail first year, a chance to level the playing field. Can 1 year make up for the years of difference between me and the rest?

Not without a lot of hard work. Not without a lot of frustration and struggling.

It’s possible, but it’s easy to forget that it is. And worse, it’s easy to forget that I need to work harder than my classmates, that just because they’re taking it easy, doesn’t mean that I can.

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January 30, 2010 at 9:00 pm

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