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Pleasantly Slow Morning

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I am surprisingly (to me anyway) fond of my orchids. In the past… ten or more years, my mother has amassed an enormous and absolutely gorgeous collection of orchids back home in Ghana, and so when I saw that Trader Joe’s sells them for a reasonable price of somewhere under $10, I decided I was going to start investing in my own collection. I got one, didn’t kill it immediately, then bought another which was on sale. And then I stopped, because I wasn’t sure if I’d be around over the summer and didn’t want to leave my roommate with a ton of plants to watch over. Anyway, I’ll be collecting again in a few months, but as is, I really like these two, and I’m so happy that they’re growing. The right most shoots of both plants are completely new. They started out as tiny buds in mid March and now they’re so big! I think I need to stake them to give them a bit of support. I hope they bloom, and I think they will. They’re not in perfect health (I let them get sunburned) but they’re healthy enough to have grown this much.


I meant to take a picture of my breakfast, but forgot until it was all gone. I bought the place mat from Ikea since I eat at my desk fairly often and there’s something nice about simple rituals like eating on a colorful place mat. Breakfast this morning was a mug of tea and one and a half of my rolls, while reading a rather charming new blog called All Things ‘Zilla. The mug is one my boyfriend gave me about two or two and a half years ago, that I’m fond of yes, because he gave it to me, but also because I think it’s really pretty and it’s a reasonable size. I don’t pick things with this color scheme often, so it’s nice and unique.

Under my plate are notes I was taking while studying, which I think I need to get back to now. I have some catching up to do, and I also have a test for my little Emergency Medicine class which ends today. It doesn’t matter if I pass or not, but I really like the doctor who teaches it and I want her to think well of me, so I’m going to study for it this afternoon (test is at 3pm).

I really like this polaroid effect, by the way. I downloaded a new app for my phone called FX camera, and it has a polaroid mode, which makes these low quality photos so much more aesthetically pleasing.

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May 11, 2010 at 11:47 am

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