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A few minutes of popularity

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A college friend of mine is an iPhone hacker of sorts (you know how you can get Android on some iPhones now? Yeah, that’s him) and advertised my last post on twitter (I had advertised it to my modest number of followers, he then re-tweeted me to his ridiculous number of followers). I might not get any repeat readers, but there’s something awesome about knowing over 600 people have at least glanced at one of your posts.

Today has been a decent morning. I’m leaving town for five days to go to my boyfriend’s graduation, so today is lots of errand running and tweaking my packing. Our college has too many ceremonies, in my opinion, but the good thing about too many ceremonies is I get to wear a bunch of my dresses that I haven’t worn for a long time (ie, not since my graduation two years ago. Wow, two years ago?!). I even discovered that this really nice embroidered denim jacket my mother gave me that I don’t wear nearly often at all (ie, not for a few years now?) matches two of said dresses, so it finally gets to be worn again!

It’s weird though, leaving town while school is almost over. I almost never went anywhere during college, let alone right before an exam. I’ve kept on top of my work though, and I’m confident that even if I don’t study while I’m gone, I should still be okay for my test next Wednesday. I will study though, probably not as much as I would like to, but I will get some good productivity in. Aiming high.

In a different way than about our Neuro test, I’m a little worried about our next Standardized Patient (SP) exam. We have, supposedly, learned how to do a full neuromuscular work up (ie, the orthopedic and neurology physical exams). Supposedly. I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of hard for me to fully absorb what to do from watching an Orthopedic surgeon and then a Neurologist walk through a professional, complete exam at professional speed. I know we’re not expected to perform the exams at their level of proficiencies, but I feel like it hasn’t really been clear how to perform the exam at our level of proficiency.

I suspect my boyfriend is going to be getting a free neuromuscular exam soon. I really need to practice putting all these different skills together in one coherent form. Last time I didn’t practice and I ended up being nervous (for really no good reason) and forgetting to ask my SP about drugs, smoking and alcohol. And of course, it turns out the SPs that time were serious smokers and problem drinkers. At least I remembered to do the sexual history?

Significant others and pets are never safe from student doctors. :) I’ve even listened to my bird’s heart with my stethoscope. It was so fast it took me a moment to realize that sound was his heart.

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May 19, 2010 at 1:15 pm

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