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New Trends (to me at least) in the Medical World

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These are interesting articles I’ve read recently. I don’t have enough to say about each of them to warrant an entire post per article, but I wanted to share them anyway.

Increasing Use of Telemedicine

I’d thought that Radiologists (and maybe Pathologists?) were the only kind of doctor who could legitimately work from home, but apparently I was wrong.


A year or two ago I’m not even sure I knew what hospitalists were, but they seem to be one of the hot new breeds of  specialists. On the Pediatrics Career Panel I went to, the two youngest pediatricians were both hospitalists and loved it. I’ve also heard of Ob/Gyn Hospitalists who just deliver babies all the time (I forget what they were called. Labor- something?), and of Acute Care specialists, sort of like the bridge between Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, people who just stay in the ICU all the time and take care of very, very sick people. It’s interesting, this increasing specialization of roles. I don’t have too well formed of an opinion on it yet, and it’s hard reconciling my views on it from the perspective of a doctor, and from the perspective of a patient.

The “doctor of the future,” Dr Jay Parkinson

From what I can tell, this guy is just several different flavors of awesome and innovation and awesome innovation. He has taken house calls and given them a social media twist. This isn’t just telemedicine, this is IM medicine. A good summarizing quote from the article:  “His prescription: a Facebook-like platform that uses technology, from IM to video chat, to restore the traditional doctor-patient relationship that has been lost in today’s high-pressure, high-volume, eight-minute-appointment practice model, which is often blamed for the shortage of primary-care physicians.” That this guy is around and successfully taking his ideas from concepts to working models gives me hope for the future of medicine’s relationship with technology, and more specifically, with the internet and social media.

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