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Broiled Nectarines and Banana Bread

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Broiled Nectarines

Pardon the somewhat blurry and rather indistinct photo. Another one of those hurried “Oh! I should take a picture before it’s gone!” moments. I bought some really juicy, very ripe nectarines on Saturday, except they turned out to be incredibly sour. I gave the first one to my roommate, but was determined to turn the other two into something edible. So I asked a friend of mine for suggestions and she gave me this recipe.  I was skeptical about the use of balsamic vinegar and sour cream in a dessert; I shouldn’t have been. After being broiled, the nectarines were much less sour, but had a bitter note that the acidity must have masked. Still, I ate both of them (albeit smothered in sweet sour cream and ice cream), which was the goal of this endeavor. =)

I think I’ll be less scared of temperate climate fruits now. I grew up with tropical fruits, which are generally either too expensive in the US or not as good as what I grew up with. On a day to day basis, I just eat apples because I know which apples are usually sweet (Fuji Apples!), and if they’re sour then peanut butter is a great fix. But other fruits (plums, pears, nectarines, peaches) I don’t know very well, and when they’re good, they’re wonderful, but more often than not they’re too sour for my liking.  I just need to get used to the idea of cooking my fruits so I can branch out some more.

Banana Bread

I love banana bread! I love banana muffins even more because they’re no slicing involved and they freeze beautifully. Last year I would pack them for lunch all the time. Just pop them in a tupperware and by lunch time, they’re defrosted and ready to eat!

I like my banana bread with a ton of banana in it, really dense and moist. These came out close to what I wanted, but I think they could have used at least another banana or two (I used six total) and I wish I could get my bananas riper without breeding a bunch of fruit flies in the process. As is, I think next time I’ll freeze and thaw all my bananas, because they become perfectly mushy and easy to mash afterwards. As is, I get more chunks than I want. Still tasty, but not ideal.

In the idea world, I would always have banana muffins and at least one other baked good in the freezer. Living with someone has seriously cut back on my available freezer space, but thanks to our new chest freezer, I can go back to stocking food. I’m a lazy eater so it’s really helpful to have healthy things that I can easily eat. Soups, Chili, Muffins, Quiches and Burritos are the things I usually make and freeze. I really missed having these things on hand all the time, and I’m excited to start making them again.

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June 14, 2010 at 6:02 pm

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The Grass is Greener

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I spend a lot of time reading blogs, and a good many of them have to do with subjects that (it seems) unfortunately don’t really apply to me. I can translate the general messages to apply to my life, but a lot of the advise and suggestions are flat out impossible given my career choice.

People always say that if you can think of an alternate career you could be happy with, do that instead of medicine, and I can see why. While there are flexible things you can do with an MD degree, when it really comes down to it, it’s a vocation and not a job, it really is something you better be willing to make sacrifices for.

I feel a little pang every now and then when I think about other careers, about the things I see other people doing with their lives. But eventually, you have to choose. I can dabble in a wide variety of things as hobbies, but I can’t really have multiple careers (some people can; they are incredibly dedicated people), especially when one of them is being a doctor. I have decided that this is what I want to do more than anything else and I’m sticking with it.

I won’t stop reading the blogs of people who blog for a living, or who run really cool start ups or who have really strange, fun jobs. I won’t stop wondering what it would be like to be them, and maybe even for a moment wishing I could be them.

But I will not regret my decision to pick medicine over all these other options, even though I’ll need to keep reminding myself of this when this journey starts to get harder and the sacrifices start becoming apparent.

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June 14, 2010 at 10:39 am

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