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Brief internet hiatus

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I took a break from the internet for about a week. I checked my email a handful of times to make sure nothing important and time sensitive needed my attention, but aside from that and setting up my mother’s ipad, I kept away. I’m back now, but I don’t intend to spend hours and hours browsing like I usually do.

It’s been a wonderful week at home in Ghana, with my parents, my oldest brother, and my boyfriend Ahmet, who is staying with us for two weeks. It’s always refreshing seeing your home through a guest’s eyes, remembering how amazing the fresh fruit at breakfast is and how wonderful it is to see and hear all the birds that drop by our compound. It has been a welcome break from routine for the both of us. I read six books (the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher) in six days, which was a nice throwback to when I was living here as a child and used to devour books at similar breakneck speeds (I’m a well accomplished skim reader).

I have quite a lot to post about, but I need to steal some pictures from my Ahmet’s camera first, and find the pictures I took before I left the US. Before I left I made a batch of peach butter and a new batch of blueberry butter, and I also finally racked my meads off the yeast sediment so that they can age properly, and then I started a new batch of mead using cider as the liquid base. I haven’t made anything since I’ve been home, but I did get to try a real miracle fruit berry, which works just as well as the tablets they sell on thinkgeek and the mango I ate after the berry was sweet and full of flavor that had been masked by the sour taste.

This has been an amazing final summer vacation. My six weeks of research went better than expected and I’m glad I pushed last minute to find a position. And now I intend to enjoy my four weeks (three left) of proper vacation to the max. So far so good! I actually do miss being in school a little, but I’ve missed home a lot and I’m happy to put my education on hold for a little while.

And now that my blog is back on my mind, I think I’ll be having Ahmet take more pictures of the food, because that’s something people ask me about often. What’s the food like in Ghana? Well, it’s delicious. :)

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July 19, 2010 at 7:54 am

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