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Pre-Vacation Consummables

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I probably should’ve broken this up into multiple posts, but it’s been so long since these pictures were actually taken and I want to put them up so I can post new stuff.

Right before I went on vacation, I went to the farmer’s market and to the homebrew store. I wanted to make some jams as gifts to bring with me, and I wanted to start a new mead before I left.

This is the main haul from Aldi’s, the homebrew store and the farmer’s market. Lots of fruit, some new yeasts for my mead, and a capper for bottling my mead in smaller bottles like beer bottles.

Non-sequitur picture of my orchids. See the longer stalks? Those are the news ones that grew this spring and summer. And the smaller plant started growing a flowering stalk right before I left. Oh! Actually, this isn’t a complete non-sequitur picture; I went to Home Depot that day too and bought new pots for my poor orchids who needed more room for the roots they’ve been trying to grow, so this was the picture I took right after I re-potted them.

And of course, while I was taking pictures of the orchids, my conure Chu wanted attention, so I took some pictures of him. He begs for food and attention by hanging on the side of his cage like this and bouncing (and sometimes screaming…).

This isn’t all the blueberries! This is only what got turned into blueberry butter (a second batch; this made 8 or 9 eight oz jars).

Peach being turned into peach butter.

Hadn’t realized that I should’ve put lemon juice in my peach butter to preserve this beautiful peach color, so unfortunately the end result is brown. But this stage made me realize why the color peach is called peach.  :) It was hard to get a good picture of it, but the color was just lovely.

Remember my mead? So this is one of the first batches, after I siphoned it out of the original bottle and into a new one, leaving the dead yeast and the fruit (oranges and raisins) behind. I think they can be left alone now for a few months until I bottle them. So I think I have about…. 4/5 of a gallon, maybe less, of each batch (I made 2 one gallon bottles).

This is the other one before I siphoned it out, and also the new batch! Right now the new batch is just Cider from Whole foods with honey and yeast added. When I return I’ll be siphoning it into a new bottle and adding some spices, and them leaving it alone for a few weeks again.

And before I left, I also discovered that salmon burgers are really easy to make! I bought some really cheap individually wrapped frozen salmon fillets from Aldi’s, each about the right amount for a single patty. I defrost it in water, then mash it with my hands with some egg, some breadcrumbs, a bit of oil, and spices. And then I fry it, careful not to move it around too much until it’s cooked a bit and solidified properly into a single mass. In this one I used a whole egg, which is a bit too much. It comes together in the end, but it makes for a very watery raw patty. Half an egg worked better.

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August 3, 2010 at 8:16 am

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