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Back in the Saddle

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My vacations in Ghana and Turkey were wonderful, but while I’m apprehensive about starting second year, it is good to be back (don’t get me wrong though; I’d rather still be on vacation!). It’s good to be back largely because I miss my things. Not just because they’re mine, but because I own them because they are things I want to have around. It’s nice being able to make jam at a moment’s notice, or to have my phone with me (had to leave it behind to be sent in for repairs) so I can take my own pictures and blog whenever I get the urge. I may not get very attached to spaces, but I’m very attached to having my own space, where I know where everything is and can comfortably hide away.

So I’m back in the US, and rather thoroughly jetlagged but it’s (sort of) working in my favor. When you’re awake several hours before the others in your apartment, and trying to be quiet, it’s hard to stay unproductive the entire time because eventually, you’ll get bored and you can’t get yourself back to sleep so you really might as well organize your closet and finish unpacking.

On the plane ride from Istanbul to Munich (it took me three flights to get home), there was a little cup of muesli in yoghurt, which was surprisingly delicious. I’ve been meaning to make granola (and then my own granola bars) for a while now, but I think it’s best to try to save my oven use till the weather is cooler or till I have time to bake several things at once, so muesli is great compromise. Using my jetlag enabled early morning productive zone, I discovered that muesli is ridiculously easy to put together, and so voila! My breakfast this morning:

Approximately 2 tablespoons rolled oats (the actual spoon kind, not the measuring kind), 2 tablespoons vanilla whole milk yoghurt, enough soymilk to make it somewhat watery, 3/4 of a tiny gala apple (chopped with some lemon juice to ward off browning), and a small handful of the raw almond and dried blueberry mix that lives in my desk drawer. I let it sit in the fridge for nearly an hour, and in the end, it was delicious. Not too sweet, nicely cool and refreshing. As a kid, I always liked to eat oatmeal “raw” but didn’t realize it was okay to do so. And I didn’t realize that if you let it sit, it gets softer to chew but doesn’t get that heavy, almost slimy consistency of cooked oatmeal (which I do also like). I was also always confused by muesli, because again, I didn’t realize I needed to let it soak, so I never liked it. Well, now I do! Thank you, Lufthansa flight operated by Turkish Airlines, for showing me that muesli is a great summer breakfast. I should be able to make this overnight, leave it in the fridge in an airtight container, and eat it for breakfast. You can premix your muesli (and add things like wheat germ and flax seed and other dried fruits and nuts) and store it, or you can just wing it each time, which I think I might do unless I come across a winning combination that I must have on hand.

Classes start tomorrow, so I have orientation today (just one hour, as opposed to last year’s one week), and I get to meet my “little sib,” who will hopefully be awesome and worth baking for because that’s always fun. Until then, I’m making a batch of apricot jam, and there’s a lot of reshuffling of the living room to be done to make it more habitable for our squatters (and less of an eyesore for me). And in the midst of it all, I have plenty of shows to catch up on since I’ve been gone for four weeks. Not a bad Sunday agenda. :)

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August 15, 2010 at 12:45 pm

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