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Still sane

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It’s really easy to neglect yourself when school heats up. I’m now down to one week before our first tests, and I’ve found myself trying to pretend I can spend all day needing to study and stay sane. It’s not that I was studying all day, but when you feel guilty every time you’re not studying, that leads to a lot of anxiety. The solution is essentially time management, which is honestly one of the best skills you can learn. It’s not just good for getting work done, but it’s also good for making sure you take the time to play. I’ve had to cut back a lot on the internet browsing I do (and I need to keep cutting back), but as I keep repeating (mostly because I need to keep hearing it) it’s healthy to have hobbies and other things you do for fun. I’ve kept up with my classwork this week which was great, but I spent several days idly browsing when I wasn’t studying instead of doing things I find more fun, like reading or writing in my blog. I need to keep a closer eye on that.

I’ve at least been eating well, which is not a given when I’m stressed. Usually I’ll eat too little. But I’ve been feeding myself for two years now and I’ve picked up a lot of tricks for keeping healthy food handy and accessible. Pictured above has been one of my meals for several days this week. I pre-sauteed (sounds so much better than fried) an onion, a tomato, and some turkish sausage (sucuk), and have been keeping the leftovers in the fridge. Microwave a few spoonfuls of the mix, add an english muffin, an egg, and an optional half avocado, and that’s a pretty filling meal! There is indeed an egg buried under all those onions in that picture. :) It’s seasoned with a bit of salt, black pepper and some garlic (which I buy crushed, because crushing my garlic fresh is just one more barrier between me and a good tasting meal), and I was pretty heavy handed with the olive oil toward the end of the cooking.

Someday I will manage to make a good sunny side up egg (I haven’t yet been able to get all the white to cook before the bottom threatens to burn), but until that day, I am happy with my sunny side downs. I’m not sure why I want to make a sunny side up egg anyway, but I suppose it’s because it’s such a cute, peppy name for a cooking style, and it would be the best way to avoid needing to scrub the pan.

I also recently tried making granola, which is easy (oatmeal + some sort of sweetener + a bit of oil + nuts _ shredded coconut if you want + cinnamon/nutmeg/vanilla, bake at 350 F & stir occasionally, untill golden brown. Allow to cool, then add whichever dried fruit you want. Store in an airtight container, preferably in the fridge), except it’s not easy if you have a fickle oven. First batch burned. Second batch was a bit over baked, but salvageable. There’s a very fine line between “maybe a few more minutes” and “oh no the oven’s smoking!”  The cinnamon made it more difficult to see if the oats had browned yet. Nevertheless, I turned half of it into power bars, which aren’t quite bars, but although it needs to be eaten with a spoon, the end result is tasty and makes a great side to fruit for a lighter meal. My granola was a bit too crisp to properly soak up the moisture and bind together into bar shape; and the nut butters I used had quite a bit of excess oil to start with, so next time I’ll add less oil, but more importantly, I’ll keep an even closer eye on my granola while it bakes.

Pictured next to the granola is my apricot syrup. When you make jam, there will be a point where your fruit will start foaming, and you will need to furiously alternate between stirring and scooping off the foam to avoid a boiling over disaster. The first time I made jam, I scooped the foam into the sink. Big mistake! Save the foam, because it will become a deliciously fruity simple syrup. I’m not entirely sure what to do with it, but I’m happy that I have it.  It would be a good addition to a mixed alcoholic drink, and also a good substitute for plain sugar syrup in an iced tea. I think I’ll be trying the latter soon.

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August 27, 2010 at 9:46 pm

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