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Block 2 of 6

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Last week we began a new block of classes, the CPR Block. We have Cardio, Pulmonary and Renal Pathophysiology as three separate course, and then in our Pathology course, we’re focusing on these three organs.

And in our Practice of Medicine class, we’re doing a little bit of this and little bit of that, in order to prepare us for our third year clerkships. A nice new addition to the course has been a radiology portion, which is being especially thorough considering they already exposed us to radiology through our Anatomy course. Beyond that, it’s a rather eclectic mix of small groups and lectures and hospital sessions. My hospital sessions have yet to be scheduled but I’m rather looking forward to them. Last year we were in groups of six students, one doctor, and two or three fourth years. This year, it will be just two students and one doctor, and we’ll have to present the cases of the patients we interview, which should be a great learning experience.

Considering that this block is seven weeks instead of three weeks, it’s a little surprising that the course not pile isn’t more than twice as high as the last block’s. I think we’re still missing a course packet though, and some of these new notes are ridiculously dense (and some are ridiculously indecipherable).

Keeping up with all this material has been difficult, especially in the light of my suddenly having a few more extra-curricular activities than usual (organizing ballroom, running the film society until we find first years to give it to, my roommate and I recently found people to fire spin with in this city, and my closest classmate friends now live in the same building. And I was supposed to be stage managing the musical, but it’s looking more like I’ll have to decline the position). I’ve finally caught up with this past week though, and I think keeping up will be easier now that I’m more aware of the fact that my evenings will not be nearly as free as I kept assuming they would be.

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September 20, 2010 at 1:09 am

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