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Exam week has ended! Got good grades on two of them, waiting to hear about the other two. During exam week and a bit before, I did find the time to take some pictures, and now I have the time to post them! Except I don’t really have the time, and I need to drag myself into bed immediately because I already have several hours of lecture to catch up on. Second year moves quickly!

Before exam week, I bought 20 pounds of Gala apples from the Farmer’s Market. The result? Several jars of apple butter! Mostly eaten in greek yogurt, which I’ve only recently decided that I like. I think in the future I might just start with plain apple sauce plus some real apples, unless I find a ridiculous deal on apples. Still, I rather like the stuff. It’s a bit sour because I refused to pour cups and cups of sugar into it, but the fat content of the yogurt cuts the acidity nicely.

The apple butter is also pretty good in oatmeal! My roommate, Hao, and I bought a watermelon about… a month ago. She cut it open before my exam week and it was still delicious, so that was exciting in and of itself, and also good timing for me. And in addition to my 20lbs of Gala apples, I had 5 pounds of Fuji apples. Oatmeal, watermelon and apples. Not bad for exam week stress eating! (Though I’m more of a stress non-eater than a stress eater.)

Hao found this amazing recipe for pumpkin bread, which she hasn’t blogged about yet and I don’t have the link to the recipe, but seriously, it’s really good. Instant coffee with powdered non-dairy creamer (ran out of soy milk and no time to go buy some) + pumpkin bread = good night before the exam “need to stay awake just a bit longer!” snack.

Peppermint tea! My stomach goes crazy when I’m stressed, so exam week equals mug upon mug of peppermint tea.

Which I also take to school with me and sip during my tests. And since it was a renal exam, twice people commented that it was “tea colored,” but it is in fact tea, and not a very large and strangely packaged urine sample…

One of my classmates, Joe, lives a few floors below me. His girlfriend Amrita bakes often, and has a great chocolate chip cookie recipe that we all love and that I’ve blogged about before. She doesn’t live here (yet! she will soon) so last time she visited, she left some dough behind for Joe. The night before our Renal Exam, he made us some cookies in my toaster oven to eat while we (me, him + two other classmates) studied. Unfortunately, the toaster oven was a bit tempermental so the cookies came out a burnt around the edges. They still tasted good though!
Apple butter, honey, and greek yogurt. Mmm. The cardio notes in the background, not so “Mmm” worthy.
Food gift from my “lil’ sib!” The first years and second years are paired up as “lil’ sib, big sib.” It’s tradition to leave baked goods and other tasty treats in your “sib’s” mailbox before their exams. Mine is vegan, so mostly I’ve been giving her some of my jams and butters, which she’s been happy with. She doesn’t bake much, but she does make granola bars and other such things, so this time she gave me peanut butter rice crispie treats, which are really good and about half gone now.

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November 10, 2010 at 3:25 am

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