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I’ve moved!

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I finally got around to buying a domain! is the new address for this blog. If you go to, it will automatically redirect you to the new domain, but it cost me money (12 whole dollars!) to set that up, and being a broke medical student, I may or may not decide to pay for another year when it runs out (november 2011). So please, change any links! And change the blog you’re subscribed to in google reader.

In other news, I have a test on Friday, and three more the week after. I have stuff to blog about (I built a computer and made some candy!), but I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it. GI, Endo and Derm don’t seem like they’ll be that bad, but, well, famous last words.

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December 7, 2010 at 9:37 pm

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Starting Reverb10

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In college, I took a class called Daily Themes. Every weekday, we had a prompt, and we had to write a response of a certain length. I really enjoyed that class, and I’m quite fond of some of the pieces I wrote. Recently I noticed a friend on livejournal doing a sort of writing challenge, answering a prompt for every day of the month, and I kind of wanted to do it but the questions were a bit too personal and I wanted something I could post on my blog.

This month, on twitter, I kept seeing people advertise posts on their blogs with the hashtag “reverb10.” I finally looked into it, and while some of the prompts are fairly personal, they’re broad enough that I’m comfortable responding to them here. So, time to catch up! I promise future responses will, on average, be much longer!

December 1 – One Word. Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you? (Author: Gwen Bell)
Transit. This year has felt very much like I’m in transit. I haven’t just started anything; I’m continuing on with things I started last year or even long before. I haven’t even moved! For ten years, I moved every year (boarding school and then college), and I have to say that it’s been really nice settling, if only for four years. I would like next year to be a year of Affirmation. I’ve made a lot of choices that next year will (hopefully!) be affirming.

December 2 – Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it? (Author: Leo Babauta)
Be a medical student. Okay, no, that’s not fair. Being a medical student is actually contributing by giving me material. A more valid answer would be idling. A lot of the time I’m not even actively browsing on the internet. I’m just… idling, trying to figure out how else to avoid doing what I should be doing, but not actively doing anything. I can eliminate it, and I’ve been working on it (somewhat successfully) all year.

December 3 – Moment. Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors). (Author: Ali Edwards)
My second brother’s wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m having trouble picking out one moment in particular, because there were several. But it was a breathtaking whirlwind of people I love (my brothers, my parents, other family, family friends, my boyfriend), delicious food (shrimp & grits!), a charming new city (I need to go back someday), and sheer fun! I loved the bridesmaid dress I had to wear (burnt orange), I loved the speeches (ranged from touching to hilarious), and the whole event was bursting with positivity. At the reception, the dance floor was actually shaking from the second to last song! I really need to get back to studying soon, so sorry, I know that wasn’t very vivid. =/

December 4 – Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis)
In a strange way, the beginning of a new generation in my family did this for me. I have one niece, who just celebrated her first birthday, and watching her grow from a baby who couldn’t even focus on me into a little person who can explore, and show preferences, and attempt to express herself… Well, it’s hard for that not to cultivate a sense of wonder in your life. I’m the youngest of my siblings too, so this is the first time in a long time that there’s someone younger than me around. I did have two younger cousins that I was close to and watched grow, but they moved to the UK a long time ago.

December 5 – Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why? (Author: Alice Bradle)
Certainty. I’m still letting go of this, but I’ve been working on letting go of certainty, and being okay with that. There’s so much about my future that I want to know now, but I can’t know yet, and I can’t let that stress me out right now.

December 6 – Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it? (Author: Gretchen Rubin)
Candy! I made peppermint brittle and some toffee. Out of butter and sugar, primarily. As for something I want to make… Been meaning to crochet a blanket for one of my high school friends who had a baby in May. I have the yarn too; I just need to get around to it.

December 7 – Community Prompt: Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011? (Author: Cali Harris)
This is a hard one for me, and I’m not really sure how to answer it. I don’t think I’ve really discovered new community this year. Same friends as last year, same classmates, same family, etc. Wait, no, that’s a lie! Hao and I discovered local fire spinners this year! Wonderful community of people. I just wish I felt up for hanging out with them more often, especially since I’m definitely not going to be much up for it after June 2011. As for next year, I hope to foster good relationships with the medical students, residents and attendings I’ll be working with in the hospital.

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December 7, 2010 at 8:14 pm

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