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Appreciate – Reverb 10, Day 14

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What is Reverb10?

December 14 – Appreciate What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it? (Author: Victoria Klein)

(I appreciate that the author of this post wrote a prompt that wasn’t a ridiculously direct tie-in to a book she’s just written.)

If I have to say one thing, then I’m going to say the Internet, because the internet connects me to all the other things I’d want to say instead.

I’ve been online since I was ten or eleven (I’m twenty-four), but the way I use it now is quite different from the way I used it then. Or two years ago. Or five years ago.

The internet is now a place of learning. Not just by reading random wikipedia articles, but so much of my education is currently facilitated by the internet. Recorded lectures. Powerpoint slides. Notes. Old tests. Research papers. School email. School calendar. Financial Aid. Everything’s online! Often this year I have turned to a friend and wondered, “How did past med students  ___ without having the internet!” We can easily check what time a test is. Someone can let the whole class know that there’s an assignment due tomorrow by sending one email. If we’re studying and we disagree on something, there are so many resources through which we can easily search to find the answer.

The internet is also a place of connection. I can stay in touch with people from undergrad, from boarding school, and from my school in Ghana, so easily, with resources like facebook. Extended family, people I meet through a new activity, friends of friends, all of them easily found and reached out to.

Even better than that, my family can be as spread out as it is, and yet we can all stay a part of each other’s lives. My mother and my sister in law email me pictures and videos of my (amazing and adorable) niece.My brothers can easily let me know about something new that’s going on in their lives. I can put music on my mother’s ipod for her by remote accessing her computer! With the internet, it is okay that I am in the Midwest of the USA, a place I never particularly thought I’d live again (I was born in Wisconsin, strangely enough, but was there for less than a year). My boyfriend is miles away on a different coast. My parents are even further, on a separate continent. My brothers are in the US, but we’re all spread out, in four different states that don’t even share borders.

The internet makes it bearable. I am not completely stranded here in this land-locked state. I almost wanted to go to one of my other two options for medical school, due to their locations, but this one was far cheaper and generally consider “a better school,” and my interview here had been one of my favorites. Coming here was one of the hardest easy choices I’ve had to make.

So this year I have really appreciated that my loved ones, and my education, are all accessible right here where I sit, on this blue exercise ball, huddling by my space heater and allowing myself a few moments (maybe hours) of respite before I have to start studying again.

And I think I can bet that if you’re reading this, you’re pretty appreciative of the internet too. :) Right?

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December 14, 2010 at 1:45 pm

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