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Try – Reverb 10, Day 18

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What is Reverb10?

December 18 – Try. What do you want to try next year? Is there something you wanted to try in 2010? What happened when you did / didn’t go for it? (Author: Kaileen Elise)

Not much, really. Nothing beyond what I’ve already mentioned in previous Reverb 10 answers. Next year, post April will be about when I start to seriously buckle down and study for Step 1, and then take it, and then start third year’s hospital rotations and apparently disappear until sometime fourth year. I would verify that this is true, except I can’t find any third years to talk to…

I’ve already found myself not planning things. I’m a planner by nature and I usually have lots of craft and food projects on my mind, but instead I have been treating next year as an extra-curricular sabbatical. I’m hoping to squeeze a few things into January and February, but after then I’m going to stop seeking out new things, because it’s really hard for me to resist the temptation of a recipe or a new project once it’s worked its way into my head as something I want to try.

I don’t want to completely disappear though. I do want to keep blogging. I want to keep making time to talk to my family and friends. I want to keep my relationship with my boyfriend strong. I want to try to get my parrot used to my hands again. I’m going to be downsizing my life a lot, but I want to make time for the people and aspects of my life that really matter.

Next year, I’m not going to just try. I’m going to keep living my life. It’s going to change a lot, but I’m going to take ownership of my time, as much as I can.

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December 18, 2010 at 3:08 pm

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