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Gift – Reverb 10, Day 30

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What is Reverb10?

December 30 –  Gift. This month, gifts and gift-giving can seem inescapable. What’s the most memorable gift, tangible or emotional, you received this year? (Author: Holly Root)

How fortuitous! I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts and I was waiting for Reverb 10 to be over before I posted it. As you may recall if you’re a pre-Reverb 10 reader of my blog, I built a desktop right before my last set of exams:


I had a really good birthday haul this year! A space heater from my friends, a new point and shoot camera from my family, a brookstone snuggie from my best friend, some delicious macarons from another friend, and now the fixings for my very own gaming desktop from my boyfriend.

So many manuals to read! Also, note how the bottom right is blurry? Took me a while to realize I needed to clean the lens.

Everything plugged in and ready to be turned on.

I just really like this picture. Except for the blurry corner. Sigh. I think I fixed it by the next two pictures though.

You can still see the insides! Even though it’s put back together! Only on this side though. The other side has no see-through panel. I had a picture of the other side, but then I deleted it. Possibly for the best, because I think this might already be too many pictures of a computer…

The blue lights amuse me to no end. =D Also, it fits in the awkward space between my desk and my bookshelf as if I planned this out.  But no, the space is there just because that’s where the outlet is.


But I don’t think any one of my birthday gifts is particularly more memorable than the others. This is a fairly unusual year in that they’re all very memorable gifts that I should be getting many years of use out of. I’d been wanting a space heater and a new camera for a while, I’ve been very entertained by the whole snuggie trend, and for many many years, I’ve wanted to build my own desktop computer.

You might be asking, what about Christmas gifts? I have another draft post about that, which may or may not actually get posted, but I don’t really give Christmas gifts anymore, which also leads to not really getting Christmas gifts anymore (though I did get some lovely cloth from my mother and a very nice perfume). I’m just happy to see all my family together at once this time of the year, since it happens so rarely.

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