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Tiny happy moments

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So I’ve continued to be ridiculously busy. And every time I’ve had something I wanted to blog about, that something leaves me too drained to write about it, or something else comes up right after. I also haven’t been cooking or making things much lately either. This is what passes for cooking these days:

Eggs are my latest exam week staple. Two fried eggs and an avocado,  topping a serving of a Trader Joe’s microwavable gnocci. Tasty and easy to throw together.

And so yeah, this is my exam week, but I’m done with the most difficult exam (Infectious Diseases, which was this morning), and I’m also done with Rheumatology, so I just have Pediatrics tomorrow, and then I get a week off for Spring break! Excitement!

I have to say that I rather appreciate my med school spring breaks being later than my high school and college spring breaks, because it’s actually, well, spring, right now. Sort of. Barely a week and a half ago, it snowed. Not a light flurry, but snow that was actually on the ground when I woke up! And then just a day or two later, it was in the 70s! Beautiful weather that I didn’t get to take advantage of because I’ve been busy studying. And so goes today. It’s beautiful, it’s sunny, it’s my anniversary with my boyfriend, but I had an Infectious Diseases exam and I have another exam tomorrow.

But walking home today, I saw something that I’ve decided to interpret as life saying sorry for yet another beautiful day that I’ll be spending indoors studying, yet another anniversary I’ll be spending apart from my boyfriend.

Don’t know why it’s there or who put it there, but it made me smile. :)

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March 23, 2011 at 1:56 pm

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Rheum/ID/Peds Block (5 of 6)

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These course packet pictures don’t look much distinct from one another anymore… Except for the fact that the ID course packet monstrocity is only hole punched, and not bound, because it’s too large to be bound. Infection Diseases is definitely the big course this block. Pediatrics and Rheumatology are fairly small courses (I think they’re 15 and 17 course hours, whereas the more substantial courses are around 35 hours). We also have Lab Medicine (which we won’t be tested on till next block), and Practice of Medicine.

I finally finished my hospital sessions, two weeks before the deadline. It was fun, but I’m not sure how valuable of a learning experience it was. They’ll make starting my rotations a little less nerve wracking, and I think that might be their true purpose. Do a complete history and physical, then present the patient to my Attending (non-resident doctor)? I’ve done that before! I also still have one of two Neurology patient sessions left, a Geriatric patient session, and I get to learn/practice both the male and female Genital/Rectal exams. We had mandatory lectures two weeks ago, and then we’ll have Standardized Patient exams with wonderful people called Genital Teaching Assistants, who are paid to be the first people medical students do these exams on.

I alternate between feeling pretty good about how caught up I am in class, and feeling really stressed out about everything. But despite it all, I’m still pretty healthy! In our lab medicine class, we had the option to come in one morning and have our blood drawn after fasting. 

Just look at those lipid numbers! :D I admit, I do make a conscious effort to eat well, but aside from mostly sort of sticking with the hundred push ups program (haven’t made it to week 6 yet…), I get very little of anything that counts as exercise these days. My numbers could still be better, but at least I don’t have to worry about them yet.

Busy though I am, I found the time today to put up this sign that Ahmet bought me back in November. It’s funny because it’s true, not because it’s ironic. Unless you’re familiar with and good at handling parrots, keep your hands far, far away from my bird.

Still so much to say, but I need to get back to studying. So I leave you with a skit from our Class Show, which was a week ago. I’m actually in it! A little. The two guys would be the classmate-neighbors I mention every now and then. I didn’t go to the show, but apparently the audience “Awww”ed both times I appeared. My class likes me! :D

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March 7, 2011 at 6:22 pm

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