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Studying Day 3

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I’m on my third day of hardcore dedicated studying for the Step 1, while in Seattle. I’ve claimed a corner of Ahmet’s room and have been spending more time actively studying every day than I think I do during exam weeks. It’s been intense. I’m not done setting up my desk here (going to be getting a monitor, for one. Ten inch screen? Not so great for this).

Part of me is a little bitter about the fact that my school gives us only exactly five weeks off in between second year and third year, making for not much study time for me and my classmates (The popular dates they’ve picked are June 9th or 10th, followed by June 14th. That’s a max of about 4.5 weeks study time). I’ve heard of many people at other schools who have been able to set aside 6-9 weeks of study time. I really wish I had another week or two to read some review books or listen to some audio lectures or something else before really diving into focusing on high yield material, but I simply don’t.

Ok, whining over! Students at my school consistently score well despite this handicap, so let’s hope that statistic applies to me and not just my class as a whole!

I have some old pictures from last block that I was going to post, but I really need to get back to studying. Yesterday I was talking to someone (not a med student) and he asked when my test was, and I said June 11th, and he was like “Oh, you’ve got  plenty of time.” Sigh. Not really. =/

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May 18, 2011 at 6:15 pm

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No room for perfection

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I think I need to get comfortable with the idea of quick and simple posts without pictures. Every now and then I have something simple I want to mention, but I don’t post because it would be really short and/or I haven’t taken the picture I wanted for it yet. But that just leads to me posting only once or twice a month, and that’s unacceptable.

I’m currently in the middle of studying for my final second year exam! Exciting! Or rather, the idea of being done soon is exciting! The current studying? Not so much. I do like the ob/gyn subject matter, but I’m burning out a little bit from the studying. This is highly unfortunate because after this exam week comes four weeks of solid 10-12 hour days studying for my Step 1 exam on June 11th.

And yes, I’ve finally settled on that date. Wednesday was the last day I could change my testing date without paying a penalty, so Saturday June 11th it is! I know a lot of my classmates are taking it on the 9th and the 10th, and I even know someone taking it on May 31st! So I feel better now. My close friends are taking it 3-4 days after me so I was worried that maybe I was giving myself too much time off or something. Which is ridiculous, because this doesn’t even give me an entire week of vacation, since Friday the 17th is our third year orientation.

On Wednesday I also put in my preferences for my three, 4 week surgery rotations. Based on the profiles for the different options, I ranked a few unexpected things highly. Like colorectal surgery (no weekends) and urology (<50 hour weeks! if they were being honest). The VA was also an appealing option (no overnight call, hours not bad, good variety of stuff to see) but it’s not in a great part of town and I don’t have a car (I also can’t drive… but I just got my learner’s permit!). Dealing with car-pooling where I couldn’t offer to drive some of the time didn’t sound like a fun option to me.

Change is on the horizon and I’m really okay with that right now. :)

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May 12, 2011 at 10:09 pm

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