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Post call again!

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For whatever reason, it seems like post-call is a great time for me to blog. One reason might be that it’s 10am, I’m at home, and I don’t need to be back in the hospital for nineteen whole hours! Yes I’m running on a little under three hours of sleep and I have a ton of household chores to do, but I’ve been getting home around 6pm most days after leaving at 5am, and trying to be in bed by 9am (which would give me 7hrs of sleep), so right now this feels like an abundance of free time!

This is what I look like after 25.5 hours at the hospital and <3hrs of sleep.

This is what I look like after I realize what I look like and try to compensate with a more chipper smile.

I cooked! I’ve mostly been making myself scrambled eggs, but Friday night I was craving something a little fancier, so I stir fried some peppers, broccoli and tomatoes, and then scrambled some eggs and mixed it all together. Delicious and easy. Probably making this again for brunch today.

I’ve been eating in the cafeteria about once a day, but I really want to stop. I always feel like I need to eat something substantial because I don’t know when my next meal will be, but that usually means I eat something too fried or greasy or otherwise bad for me to be eating on a daily basis. I’ve noticed a fair number of residents and med students pack their own lunches and I’d like to get back into doing that. Except I haven’t gone grocery shopping for nearly three weeks (fixing that today I think!). I definitely want to start packing my own fruit at least; it costs a little too much in the hospital, even with my 30% student discount.

And it’s time to say goodbye to my desk. It’s seen me faithfully through two years of medical school, but I’m ready for something lighter and smaller, that I can move by myself when I want to clean, or re-arrange my room. It’s a good desk, and I’m hoping I can find a new home for it instead of resorting to throwing it out. Can’t wait till my new chair and/or my replacement balance ball arrive! My old balance ball mysteriously popped one day when I left the room, so I’ve been sitting on a storage ottoman, and my back does not like this at all. My back doesn’t like third year of medical school much either, for that matter. :( Working on fixing that.

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July 24, 2011 at 10:48 am

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  1. omg your desk looks so heavy and huge! but very very useful, and perfect for a desktop, i should ask joe if he wants it… what does the new desk look like?
    and I like the second photo, you’re so chipper!

    ps. Splurge on TJ’s or something and pack lunches! Don’t eat in the cafeteria! I cringe every time Joe says he had to eat from there!


    July 25, 2011 at 7:59 am

    • I’ll post a pic of the new desk as soon as I get a chance to clean my room! It’s just a simple surface with a keyboard drawer.

      The old desk is a little worn but I love it. I just wanted to change things up a bit. If Joe wants it, he can have it for free. :)

      And I’ve been successfully packing meals all week!


      July 28, 2011 at 1:26 pm

  2. FYI, for your back, I found that Dansko clogs, while initially not very comfortable for my feet, ended up fixing the lower back pain problems I was having in the hospital from being on my feet all day – might be worth investigating if you’re having the same problem. And I always keep protein bars/granola bars/energy bars in the house, and I put them in my white coat, so I know I always have a “meal” in my pocket in case things get busy. And for packing lunches, Chiefy showed me this process once for making a month’s worth of PBJ sandwiches in one 25 minute prep session – I only did it once, but it worked out great –


    August 1, 2011 at 10:08 am

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