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Keep on keeping on

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I’m finishing my 10th week of surgery rotations today, so just 2 more weeks of surgery to go! It’s been hectic, especially during Colorectal surgery, but ENT has been better. I’m a little appalled by how much I like ENT. Really hoping I fall in love with a less competitive specialty.

Other than 70+ hour work weeks, things that make me unlikely to post in my blog include moving to a new apartment two weeks after starting to consider moving. Pictures of the new place once it’s a bit more set up!

And on the list of things that make my days better: the scrub jackets that the nurses wear. I learned where they are during my Spine Surgery rotation and they’ve been a blessing during the numerous ENT surgeries I don’t get to scrub into. I get cold really easily. Still cold in these jackets but at least I’m not shivering for hours!

I never thought I’d take this many pictures of myself in bathrooms but… well, it’s easier with a mirror and bathrooms tend to have mirrors. I need to figure out how to set my phone to take pictures with a button instead of tapping the screen.


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August 26, 2011 at 7:56 pm

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