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Reverb 11, Day 23 – Travel

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Travel – Did you visit anywhere new this year?  Any plans to travel next year?

I think the only new place I went this year was Toronto, as a quick pre-Christmas in Ghana (where my family is from, where my parents still live, and where my brothers and my parents always meet-up once a year for the holidays) trip. My boyfriend, Ahmet, has family there (wonderful people & excellent hosts), and he hasn’t visited them in years, so we finally committed to going this year. He’s still there, and I’m in Ghana now.

I liked Toronto, but I’ll have to go back when it’s warm and I’m less burned out from school, because I’d like to explore a bit more. But all the food I ate there was excellent (best sushi I’ve had in years!), and it seemed like a really nice city, and a rapidly growing one (so much construction!) It was weird for me because it felt like I was still in the US, which I guess makes sense, because it’s still North America. People’s accents weren’t noticeably different either. So honestly, it barely felt like I’d traveled.

Next year I have no exotic travel plans, just the usuals: Seattle when it’s my turn to visit my boyfriend, DC when my parents are visiting the US (DC is their US home base), and Ghana again for Christmas. However, fingers crossed, I’ll be interviewing for Residency toward the end of next year, so that should be fun. I really enjoyed interviewing for Medical School, so I’m hoping Residency Interviews will be fun too, though far more expensive. I’m going to miss being on the East Coast and cheaply taking the train to the majority of my interviews.

Now 2013, the year I graduate, that should be a good travel year. No plans yet to go anywhere new, but I think the places I’ve been to/usually go to are sufficient for some exciting times (Turkey, Ghana, Ecuador, maybe Canada again? A classmate of mine from Toronto is planning to get married around then).

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December 23, 2011 at 8:41 am

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