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Small Talk the Med Student Way

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I’m not very close to the grand majority of my classmates, but I know everyone by name (well, except for many of the MSTPs who have joined our class this year) and can comfortably talk to them all. Third year has made it even easier to chat, because at the very least there’s the “Hey! How’re you doing? What rotation are you on?” conversation to have.

I bumped into someone in the library last night. We haven’t ever really hung out and we haven’t had any rotations together, but there’s been one or two other times we’ve found ourselves in the same place and had a brief exchange. This time we commiserated over how strange and arbitrary the grading can seem third year, and she said “Can we bond over this?” I laughed and we hugged. It was cute and sweet and unexpected. =)

I’m really excited for our match day (March 2013! yes it’s already on my calendar), to see where and what we’re all going to build on our medical school foundations. There’ve been a few surprises already even with people I thought I knew well (though when I think back, I never did have a clear idea of what I thought that friend would go into) and a few “well, obviously that’s what they’re going into!” Myself? I’m still unsure. I haven’t outright hated anything, and there’s a lot I can see myself fairly satisfied with. I have a suspicion that I’m going to end up in Psychiatry, but I haven’t done Ob/Gyn yet (which is what I came into med school thinking about) and I haven’t even done Internal Medicine yet!

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January 27, 2012 at 11:12 pm

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