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Third Year Ob/Gyn Rotation Review

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One last picture of the flower trees outside my apartment. 1) Because they’re beautiful. 2) Because the flowers have all already fallen off so I can’t take any more pictures of them. =(

I’m now on my second week of Internal Medicine, and I just wanted to write a quick post about Ob/Gyn before it’s too far off my mind. I think it’s really unfortunate how many medical students end up having bad experiences on this rotation (at my school and nationwide). It was definitely mixed among my classmates, and very heavily based on which residents you had, and which sub-rotations you had (on Gynecology Oncology for example, just about everyone is miserable). I was definitely very stressed out my first two weeks because I didn’t feel like I was clicking well with my team (and then surprise, my Chief Resident actually graded me really well and gave me some really nice feedback).

My second two weeks, working at a government funded clinic with five different Attendings, was an amazing experience. I loved all the Attendings, the patient population was interesting (never heard that much spanish in Saint Louis this entire time I’ve been here!), and I in general just really enjoy outpatient Gynecology and Obstetrics. One of the Attendings runs Centering Pregnancy groups, which is a model where you select a group of women with due dates within a relatively close range, and they do their prenatal visits as group sessions. Most of the women in her groups were under 25 (in one group only one or two of them were old enough to drink) and most were first time mothers. Young mothers who didn’t intend to get pregnant are an unfortunate demographic, but one that is really satisfying to help. And sexual education and access to birth control are two topics rather near and dear to my heart, so it was nice to see and work with the population that I want to help out and the outcomes I’d like to work toward preventing.

I’m also apparently rather good at speculum exams, for a medical student. Unfortunately, this won’t be a very useful skill for my future career path, and it’s really not much of a party trick either…

Labor and Delivery nights was another good experience (minus the night shift part), because I really lucked out and had solid and friendly Residents. I learned how to “catch” a baby, and watched how amazing and beautiful and grotesque all deliveries are, from C-Sections to births with epidurals to the “omg there is no time for an epidural because this baby is coming out NOW!” births. Unfortunately, the women who tended to want fewer interventions or who wanted to do water births always requested no medical students in the room, so I never saw those. What I learned from Labor and Delivery is that Ob/Gyn is definitely not for me, because C-Sections are one of my least favorite kinds of surgery, and vaginal deliveries aren’t something I really want to do routinely either. I love the medicine of Ob/Gyn, but not the procedural aspect. I probably could have loved being an Ob/Gyn nurse practitioner, and delivering low risk patients, but that’s not the path I’m on, and I think I’m really going to enjoy Psychiatry. =)

But as I said, sexual education and birth control are still important topics to me, so I hope someday to find a way to advocate for what I believe in, and to help make a change, even if I’m not going to be a direct provider.

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March 20, 2012 at 9:06 pm

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