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Determination and Drive

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The summer I decided I was going to medical school, I decided to take General Chemistry to catch up on the prerequisites (I still took a year off between undergrad and med school to get some more science classes in on my transcript). I enrolled into the class a bit late, maybe nearly two weeks late, but it was still within the Add/Drop period. The teacher told me that I could still take the class if I really wanted to, but the first exam was tomorrow, and she gave off the vibe that she didn’t think this was a good idea and that I wouldn’t be able to pass the test.

I got an A in that class. Best motivation ever is to have someone tell me I can’t do something that I think I can.

A few nights ago I was at a post-match 3rd years/4th years meeting, and in the Psychiatry small group, someone asked the fourth year about how people on other rotations talk about the Psychiatry residents here and what he thinks about how they seem to be less “Academic” (which he was pressured into clarifying as meaning intelligent).

So this makes me want to keep pushing myself on my Medicine rotation, even though I know I can easily get a High Pass without much extra effort. Psych patients deserve smart, hard working doctors too.


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March 22, 2012 at 8:55 pm

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