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Happy 2013!

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I’ve been looking forward to and wondering about this year ever since I realized it would be the year I graduate from medical school. So hello 2013! Welcome to existence! I’m going to try to savor each day, but don’t mind me as I continue to count down to my match day (73 days) and my graduation (136 days).

I don’t have any specific resolutions this year. I think I did a good job with 2012, especially given its rampant stressors, so my goal is to just keep doing life better. Keep trying to be more mindful by continuing to do things like culling my possessions, and re-adjusting that tricky work life balance problem. Eating better. Exercising. Reading more. Spending more time connecting with loved ones. The usual. :)

I hope this is a good year for all of you, dear readers, especially my fellow fourth years! I hope we all match in places that we’ll be pleased with.

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January 1, 2013 at 8:05 pm

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