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Dr. Aba!

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cropped me and parents

One week ago, I graduated from medical school! =D It was an amazing weekend, not just because I’m finally, officially a doctor, but because my entire immediate family, some extended family, and some of my closest friends were all there celebrating with me.

I have a handful more weeks before I start Residency (I’ll be starting off service on Medicine, Pediatrics, or Neurology. No idea which yet!), and I’m doing my best to achieve maximum rest and enjoyment. I’m between leases at the moment, so I’m traveling around the US until I actually start my lease and move to Seattle.

All those years of trying to embrace minimalist culture, and the more recent months of realizing that all but one of the options on my rank list meant a cross country move, finally paid off. This was by far the smoothest move out process I have ever been through. I did it mainly on my own (with occasional important help from people, like my friends who came to my graduation carrying my orchids to Seattle for me), but I didn’t feel overwhelmed like I did when I left New Haven by myself. I sold all the furniture I wanted to sell, donated the rest, and even found a sublettor to take over my studio for the end of my lease! I forgot to pack up my tea cabinet (yes, I had an entire little cabinet dedicated to tea), and I left behind a little tea set from China that I was going to give to the daughter of a couple of friends, but I did everything else!

Moving in might be another story, but I’m optimistic that it will go well! While I did a ton of de-cluttering, I’m still hanging out to a bit more “junk” than I really need, but I have a little over a week after I move in before Residency starts, and I’m planning to completely unpack (and get things dry cleaned and tailored, register to vote, get my new driver’s license, get new plates for my car, etc) and be all set up by the time Orientation rolls around. We’ll see how well that goes!

It’s going to take a while for the novelty of being a doctor to wear off, by the way. For example, I just realized I can refer to this as “my doctor blog” now, which is easier to type and say than “my med school blog.” =D

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Written by Aba

May 26, 2013 at 11:19 am

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