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Intern Year Data – Preliminary Results

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2013-07-07 10.04.58

Fitbit flex + mandatory duty hours logging = lots of fun data to play with.

12 days of work in a row for a total of 134.5hrs (today’s my first day off since I started; we get one day off every seven, averaged over four weeks). Past seven days stats = 81.5hrs at work, and 6.5hrs average actual sleep per night. Apparently I need to enforce my bedtime better, and maybe invest in blackout curtains, but I think intern year is off to a good start (Internal Medicine at the VA), and I have a better handle on CPRS (the VA EMR system) so my hours should improve from here on out.

Now if I just didn’t feel silly wearing a blue rubber wristband at work, I could see if I need to make myself take the stairs more often.

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July 7, 2013 at 10:00 am

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