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Body Integration – Reverb 10, Day 12

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What is Reverb10?

December 12 – Body Integration This year, when did you feel the most integrated with your body? Did you have a moment where there wasn’t mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present? (Author: Patrick Reynolds)

I’m supposed to be studying with classmates in 23 minutes (Pathology exam tomorrow!), so here’s another hurried post. I wonder if I’ll find the time to do tomorrow’s post…

I always feel integrated. I’m an introvert through and through so yes, I am generally off in my head somewhere, but my thoughts are creations of my mind, which is my brain, which is a part of my body. I’m a bit of a generally holistic person, and I very firmly believe that mind is body and body is mind and that you can’t really separate them out. So for me, those “Wow!” times aren’t about feeling more cohesively me, but about feeling more present in the moment.

Sometimes I’ll be alone in my room and the sun’s setting through my west facing windows and I’m curled up on my bed with a book and I have music playing and all of a sudden I feel very much here and everything comes together in a warm happy feeling that life is good and I love and am loved.

And then there are the more active moments. I’m a member of (and co-leader of) the Ballroom dance club here. It’s a medical student thing in theory but we have Graduate students and OT and PT students too. I love being a follower, and just letting myself relax and listen to the music and automatically respond to (most of the time) the cues of the person who’s leading me.

But most of intense of all, there’s fire spinning. I am too scared to try fire poi, and I don’t own a fire hoop yet, so I have only really spun my fire staff, which feels nice and safe. You can’t let your guard down though. I use pure white gas as my fuel, which burns short and hot but beautifully bright. And the sound! There is a magnificent roar to the flames, as they whoosh around and over and near you, warm and scary and familiar. I am in control but I need to focus to stay in control, except at the same time I can’t think too hard, because when I think too much then I sabotage my muscle memory and I might twist my arm just a bit too much or not turn my body at the right moment. I have yet to set myself on fire though, which is actually quite rare and it’s just a matter of time before it happens. Clothes are easy enough to put out though (just don’t wear synthetic fibers ever), and hair grows back (best to just keep it covered). I don’t do this often, but when I do I have an amazing time. I’m not very good, but you don’t have to be very good at something to enjoy it!

Written by Aba

December 12, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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